2010 Race Recaps

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In case you don't know much about the person behind Hi. I'm Tanya Patrice. I'm your average 30-something trying to stay fit in-shape. I started running on a consistent basis on September 13, 2010. Prior to that I could run up to about 30 minutes for 3 miles, usually stopping after about 20 minutes to walk a bit (I was more into weights & fitness classes). Now, I've started entering local races to help keep me motivated and working out consistently.

2010 Races

  • 09.19.2010 Dutchess County Classic 5K (32:33). Wappingers, NY. First race ever! Slow & painful - ran too much the week of the race & hadn't run outside before (only on treadmill)- classic newbie mistake.

  • 10.02.2010 Schlathaus Park 5K (29:47). So much better than race #1. I think I'll sign up for more.

  • 10.16.2010 Denning's Point 5K Trail Race (30:27). Beacon, NY. First trail race, I did not understand before that a trail race & a road race are 2 different beasts - but I like trails too - hills - not so much.

  • 10.30.2010 UlsterCorp Service Sprint 4.8 mile Trail Run (47:31). First time running more than a 5K. Now this is what I call hills - first time I really considered quitting a race. And I wish I had worn a costume.

  • 11.20.2010 Thomas Bull Memorial Park 10K (62:24). First 10K & came 2nd in age group! What a cold morning! And the hills - okay, I gotta start doing some hill workouts.

  • 11.25.2010 MHRRC Turkey Trot 5 miles (48:22). First 5 miler! Another hilly race. My brother & sister-in-law ran, and my dad was a spectator. Never had anyone to run with before - or watch a race I was in - and it was pretty cool.

  • 12.04.2010 Knights of Columbus 5 Mile Holiday Run (46:19). Wappingers, NY. This was so hard - how I got this amazing time (for me), I could not say, because I felt like I fought all the way - getting too cold for me to run outside!

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