HipHopRun Workout Playlist

Workout PlaylistMusic: HipHop || Workout: Running.

Maybe I was in an angry mood or something, but I took it out on the treadmill with this running playlist full of (mostly) hard hitting hiphop songs. Not your usual 'clubby' hiphop, but then again, you have to switch it up sometimes.

(Photo Credit: Seo2 | Salvador | Dolores/ Flickr).

  • Flo Rida ft Sean Kingston. Roll.
  • Three 6 Mafia. It's a Fight.
  • Boyz N Da Hood ft Yung Joc. We Ready.
  • T.I. ft Wyclef Jean). You Know What It Is.
  • T.I. ft Nelly. Get Loose.
  • Ali & Gipp ft Chocolate Tai. Go 'Head.
  • Young Jeezy ft Kanye West. Put On.
  • Soulja Boy Tell 'Em. Let Me Get Em.
  • Lil Boosie. Fresh Cut.
  • V.I.C. We Ridin'.
  • One Chance ft Yung Joc. U Can't.
  • Saul Williams. Black Stacey (Deadbeat Remix).

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