Reggae Remixed Workout Playlist

Reggae Remixed Workout PlaylistMusic: Reggae || Workout: Running.

Get some reggae in your life - I heard it's good for you. I pulled out some of my favorite Sean Paul and Elephant Man songs that are at a running pace for this playlist. Download the entire Reggae Remixed Mix from zshare - but it won't be available for very long - so get it now!

(Photo Credit: Pierluigi Ferro)

  • Clipse ft Kardinall & Sean Paul. Grindin (Remix).
  • Busta Rhymes ft Sean Paul & Spliff Star. Make it Clap (Remix).
  • Sean Paul ft Busta Rhymes. Gimme the Light (Remix).
  • Chris Brown ft Elephant Man. Wall to Wall (Remix).
  • Sean Paul ft Beyonce. Baby Boy.
  • Outkast ft Sean Paul. Hey Ya.
  • Rhianna ft Sean Paul. Break It Off.
  • Sean Paul. Temperature.
  • Elephant Man ft Busta Rhymes & Shaggy. The Way We Roll.
  • Will Smith ft Elephant Man. Switch (Reggae Remix).
  • Diddy ft Elephant Man & Nicole Scherzinger. Come to Me (Dancehall Remix).
  • Kat DeLuna ft Elephant Man. Whine Up.

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