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Greedy Treats Workout PlaylistMusic: Rock || Workout: Running.

You know there is going to come a time when you over-indulge in some not-so-good for you treats. Well, don't despair if that candy attacked you and threw itself into your mouth and down your tummy. Just get these workout tunes on your iPod stat and then head out to walk, run, ride - or whatever activity you do. The most fun song on this playlist is Dancing Song (Little Comets) - it's really weird, but kinda catchy.

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(Photo Credit: Raelene G)

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  • Audio Bullys. Only Man.
  • Chris Brochu. And the Crowd Goes.
  • Divide the Day. Let It Roll .
  • Bayside. Already Gone.
  • Red Line Chemistry. Knock Down Drag Out.
  • American Bang. Wild and Young.
  • R.E.M. Mine Smell Like Honey.
  • We Are Scientists. I Don't Bite.
  • Buckcherry. All Night Long.
  • 10 Years. Running In Place.
  • Rival Sons. Get What's Coming.
  • Little Comets. Dancing Song.

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