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Mission Hulktopia Workout PlaylistMusic: Rock || Workout: Weights.

After giving you a steady diet of running music playlists for the last few weeks, it's time for some music to lift weights to, and hopefully help take some focus away from the burn. The songs on this rock playlist are hard-core with strong beats, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but one thing's for certain, you won't be bored with these tunes! Word of warning: If you like it light and airy, head to the pop section, this playlist is not for those that don't like LOUD music ... the type of loud that has nothing to do with the volume!

- Mission Hulktopia Workout Playlist on iTunes
(Photo Credit: Mester Jagels)

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  • Audio Bullys. Feel Alright.
  • Disturbed. Sacrifice.
  • Papa Roach. Burn.
  • The Word Alive. 2012.
  • Demon Hunter. Tie This Around Your Neck.
  • Disturbed . Warrior.
  • Pop Evil. Last Man Standing.
  • The Virginmarys. Bang Bang Bang.
  • Shinedown. Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom).
  • Demon Hunter. LifeWar.
  • Disturbed. The Infection.
  • (Hed) P.E. ft. Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust. Stand Up.

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